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Home Insurance

Your home is everything, which is why you need to protect it effectively. Home insurance policies can vary dramatically. With the help of our agents at Premier Choice Agency LLC, you can learn about the kind of coverage you need.

Is home insurance required?

Although the state doesn’t require you to have home insurance, your mortgage company most certainly will. In most instances, the payment of home insurance is included in the escrow account that your mortgage company manages to ensure that you have the coverage that is needed.

If you own your home outright, you will still want to have the coverage as it offers you a substantial amount of financial protection.

Consider how much your home is worth. If something happens to it, you want to file a claim for repairs or replacements rather than paying out of pocket for the whole thing. So, even if there’s no requirement for you to have a policy, you can discover that insurance premiums are an affordable way to protect your home.

How can insurance be customized?

Home insurance can vary dramatically, so you will want to know how to customize it to meet your needs. Our agents are here to offer recommendations and ensure that you have considered all aspects of insurance.

A basic policy is going to include coverage for:

  • Loss of use
  • Dwelling
  • Personal items in the home
  • Liability issues

After that, you can choose to customize a policy to include other aspects of the property (such as pools and detached garages). You can also add riders for high-value items. Further, higher coverage levels in different areas can protect you in the event of a significant accident. By knowing about the different “what if” scenarios, you can have a more comprehensive policy to protect you and your home.

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